Tencel Modal Blend - 80G/M²
Tencel Modal Blend - 80G/M²
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Tencel Modal Blend - 80G/M²
Tencel Modal Blend - 80G/M²

Tencel Modal Blend - 80G/M²

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Our Tencel Modal Blend is a quality wholesale fabric originating from Turkey. This fabric is ideal for both the Spring/Summer 23/24 and the Autumn/Winter 24/25 seasons as it carries the comfort and breathability of Modal. It's comprised of 77% Lenzing Micro Modal and 23% Polyester, combining the best elements of both materials into a durable, yet soft, fabric suitable for versatile uses.

The blend comes in four delightful basic color groups: Blue, Red, Yellow, and Green. Each hue is beautifully plain and vibrant due to the piece dye finishing method employed. This technique enhances the color's intensity, ensuring it stays true wash after wash. The width of the fabric is approximately 138 cm, with a light weight of just 80 gsm. It's ideal for fashion items that require a lightweight, breathable fabric.

Our Tencel Modal blend falls under the weaving category, meaning it brings forth a sturdy construction that is designed to last. Furthermore, environmentally-conscious customers will appreciate that this blend not only uses modal fibres from Lenzing but also bears the Lenzing Tencel sustainability certificate. This attests to our commitment to environmentally responsible manufacturing processes and sustainable sourcing.

In summary, this Tencel Modal Blend is a high-quality fabric from Turkey with a strong emphasis on comfort, durability, sustainability, and versatility. It's perfect for wholesalers seeking a resilient material that balances style, comfort, and eco-friendliness.

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Product Details

Sustainability certificate:
Lenzing Tencel
77% Modal 23% Polyester
Country Of Origin:
Fabric Type:
Fibre Type:
Lenzing Micro Modal
Piece dye
80 G/M²
600 M
Stock Service:
Supplier Region:
Asia Pacific
138 cm

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About lenzing tencel

Tencel® is a cellulose fiber from Lenzing that comes from certified sustainably planted Eucalyptus trees. The Tencel® nanostructure offers exceptional moisture transport, accumulation, expansion and drying.