Labels are going multi-channel. Are you?

Multi-channel selling. Let us help.

Sell online within 2 weeks, no digital experience required

What keeps you up at night?

  • Speed: Do you meet the right decision makers at the right time at tradeshows?
  • Scale: Can your sales team and agents reach all potential buyers through travelling?
  • Digital: Have you been successful in selling on traditional marketplaces?
  • Margin: Do you feel squeezed too much on pricing, while facing higher demand for sustainability?

Sell multi-channel, combing offline with e-commerce

  • Finding new customers globally: We make your collections accessible to buyers 24/7.
  • No hanger shipment: We central store and handle all hanger shipping.
  • Safer payment: We offer your buyers multiple payment options, with cashflow solution.
  • Easy order management: Forget emails, excels and paperwork. Manage all your orders in one place with live tracking.

Unlike other marketplaces, we're hyper hands-on

  • E-commerce as a service: Content creation and data uploading is on us.
  • Making online work for offline: Sales teams no long have to carry the full collections around. Each fabric has a QR code, leading to the full collection online.
  • Crowdsourcing: We help buyers co-order together to increase order quantities.

Why work with us

Free, dedicated campaign

We work with you to develop your target buyer list and run a dedicated campaign to help you sell at highest level, reaching not only sourcers and designers but also CxOs. 

Less sample loss

Customers pre-select fabrics online before ordering hangers. We also ask buyers to return unwanted items and re-promote them.

Fundraising support for innovation

Investment is crucial to advance innovation in sustainability. We provide mill partners with dedicated fundraising support for initiatives we love.

Let's talk.