Swift N Sway Denim - 415G/M²
Swift N Sway Denim - 415G/M²
Swift N Sway Denim - 415G/M²
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Swift N Sway Denim - 415G/M²
Swift N Sway Denim - 415G/M²
Swift N Sway Denim - 415G/M²

Swift N Sway Denim - 415G/M²

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Introducing the Swift N Sway Denim fabric, a versatile and sustainable staple hailing from the respected mills of Pakistan. This fabric belongs to the denim subcategory, suitable for various year-round applications due to its permanence across seasons. Its rich and deep blue hue evokes the classic feel of original blue jeans, bringing an inherent respect for tradition while maintaining a modern appeal.

The Swift N Sway Denim is composed of a balanced mix of 58% cotton and 42% Tencel fibers. The inclusion of Tencel - a sustainable material derived from renewable wood sources - warrants the fabric's Lenzing Tencel sustainability certification. The fabric's composition also holds a BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) certification, indicating that the cotton part of this blend is sourced in a way that optimizes the wellbeing of cotton producers and the environment.

The sturdy denim is set at a generous width of 176 cm, making it ideal for large-scale creations. With a medium-heavy weight of 415 gsm, it provides substantial durability without compromising on comfort. Its regular finish brings a smooth texture, offering a pleasant feel to the touch and enhancing its overall aesthetic refinement.

To encapsulate, Swift N Sway Denim fabric presents a rich and sustainable choice for bulk buyers seeking high-quality denim with a prominent focus on environmental responsibility. Its certified composition, thoughtful design, and durable build ensure it's a fabric that's not just meant for today, but for many years to

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Cooling & Moisture Management by using natural & regenerated materials Integrating various performing denim infuse with functional fibres along with the mechanism of regulation and fashion aesthetics in innovative construction.

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Sustainability certificate:
58% Cotton, 42% Tencel
Country Of Origin:
Fabric Type:
Fibre Type:
Regular Finish
415 G/M²
10000 M
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Asia Pacific
176 cm

About Naveena Denim - NDL

Naveena Denim - NDL is a leading denim mill specializing in manufacturing premium fabrics with its production facilities in Lahore, Pakistan NDL is recognized for novel denim innovations, taking denim manufacturing to the highest level of creating engineering by investing in state-of-the-art production units, sustainable developments, and a diversified product range.

About lenzing tencel

Tencel® is a cellulose fiber from Lenzing that comes from certified sustainably planted Eucalyptus trees. The Tencel® nanostructure offers exceptional moisture transport, accumulation, expansion and drying.