SIDOFIL Organic Cotton Shirting  - 110G/M²
SIDOFIL Organic Cotton Shirting  - 110G/M²
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SIDOFIL Organic Cotton Shirting  - 110G/M²
SIDOFIL Organic Cotton Shirting  - 110G/M²

SIDOFIL Organic Cotton Shirting - 110G/M²

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Introducing the SIDOFIL Organic Cotton Shirting, a fabric of premium quality, originating from Spain. This fabric is entirely composed of 100% organic cotton, finely curated and certified by the GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARD (GOTS). This guarantees that the fabric maintains stringent environmental and social standards, reaffirming its superior class and commitment to sustainability.

Available for wholesale, the SIDOFIL Organic Cotton Shirting exudes a simplistic charm with its plain pattern. Simplicity and elegance radiate from the very essence of it, making it a superb choice for various fashion applications. Available in two core color groups: blue and white, these shades add a pure, classic appeal to its overall appearance beneficial for an extensive array of styles and designs.

The fabric has a width of 148 cm, providing ample coverage for assorted apparel manufacturing needs. Weighing just 110 gsm, it perfectly balances lightweight comfort and durability, ensuring the fabric retains its shape and luster even after extensive use. The SIDOFIL Organic Cotton Shirting fabric thus blends style, sustainability, and superior quality, making it a distinguished choice in the fashion industry.

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Sustainability certificate:
Organic Cotton 100%
Country Of Origin:
Fibre Type:
110 G/M²
50 M
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148 cm

About Sidogras

Our origins date back to 1952 as a manufacturer of interlining fabrics. Since then, Sidogras has grown steadily to be able to create fabrics for shirting, blouses, pants and jackets, as well as manufacturing technical fabrics and interlinings. We are proud to be the European market leader with a strong international presence in over 30 countries.

Trends are constantly changing and our customers demand fast delivery, this led Sidogras to offer two types of collections to cover different needs: continuous collection (more than 7 million metres of fabric in permanent stock in our warehouses) and seasonable collection.

About gots (global organic textile standard)

Fabrics with a GOTS certificate have been produced using organic fibers (min. 70%) and meet strict environmental and social standards for sustainability and fair labor practices. The certification ensures that the entire production process from fiber to final product meets high standards for organic agriculture, safe and fair working conditions, and environmentally responsible manufacturing processes.

For more information about GOTS, click here.