Saxon Stretch Wool  - 350G/M²
Saxon Stretch Wool  - 350G/M²
Saxon Stretch Wool  - 350G/M²
Saxon Stretch Wool  - 350G/M²
Saxon Stretch Wool  - 350G/M²
Saxon Stretch Wool  - 350G/M²
Saxon Stretch Wool  - 350G/M²
Saxon Stretch Wool  - 350G/M²
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Saxon Stretch Wool - 350G/M²

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The Saxon Stretch Wool is a high-quality fabric originating from Germany. It is a multifaceted material that comes in a beautiful blend of colors, including grey, green, blue, brown, and red, making it versatile for various clothing items. This fabric features an elegant herringbone pattern, bestowing a classic and sophisticated appeal.

Proudly bearing the 'Woollens' category, its main fibre is crafted from pure wool, ensuring both comfort and warmth, ideal for the Permanent and Autumn Winter 24/25 seasons. Though it does not come with a specific finishing method or any sustainability certificates, the absence of such does not compromise its quality and usability. The Saxon Stretch Wool is a timeless fabric to choose for creating premium and comfortable clothing.

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98% Wool, 2% Lycra
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350 G/M²
1 M
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140 cm

About Loden Steiner

True to our name, our journey commenced in 1888 against the backdrop of the formidable Dachstein. Here, the challenging terrain and climate underscored the necessity for resilient attire. Enter Loden fabric, renowned for its enduring strength, primarily employed as workwear. Post-World War II, Loden's role evolved to embrace functional clothing, adopted by notable mountaineers like Heinrich Harrer, famed for "Seven Years in Tibet," elevating its significance.

In the recent years, we've channeled further investments into our in-house clothing line, recognised as Steiner1888. Here as well, our unwavering commitment to quality persists. Our signature Mandling loden, harmoniously blended with select premium natural materials, forms the cornerstone of this endeavour.