Rodi Organic Gots Poplin - 190G/M²
Rodi Organic Gots Poplin - 190G/M²
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Rodi Organic Gots Poplin - 190G/M²
Rodi Organic Gots Poplin - 190G/M²

Rodi Organic Gots Poplin - 190G/M²

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The Rodi Organic Gots Poplin is an outstanding piece imported from Italy, tailored exclusively for the sophisticated and environmentally-minded clientele. It is crafted from 100% organic main fiber, underscored by its prestigious GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification, which is an assurance of its adherence to global sustainability parameters.

This poplin fabric has, as its base color, a versatile and evergreen blue, presented in a plain pattern, enhancing its elegance and versatility. With a width of 148 cm and a weight of 190gsm, this fabric provides ample coverage and has a substantial, high-quality feel.

The Rodi Organic Gots Poplin showcases a fabulous trio of finishing methods: piece dye, emerized, and power dry, that together guarantee an exquisite touch, superior durability, and an added layer of unique texture. This fabric's exceptional characteristics make it suitable for tailoring and designed to allure fashionistas seeking timeless style.

Being from the permanent collection, you can avail this fabric all year round, while its suitability for the Autumn Winter 24/25 further underscores its versatility across various seasons and trends. Revel in the sumptuous touch of our Italian-crafted, organic poplin, perfect for creating ensembles that spell elegance, comfort, and sustainability.

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Sustainability certificate:
100% Organic
Country Of Origin:
Fabric Type:
Fibre Type:
190 G/M²
50 M
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148 cm

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About gots (global organic textile standard)

Fabrics with a GOTS certificate have been produced using organic fibers (min. 70%) and meet strict environmental and social standards for sustainability and fair labor practices. The certification ensures that the entire production process from fiber to final product meets high standards for organic agriculture, safe and fair working conditions, and environmentally responsible manufacturing processes.

For more information about GOTS, click here.