Plain Weave - 70G/M²
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Plain Weave - 70G/M²

Plain Weave - 70G/M²

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The Plain Weave fabric is an exquisite selection from our Silkie category, originating from Portugal. Woven from 100% recycled polyester, this fabric embodies an environmental-friendly choice without compromising on quality. It comes in a neutral yet elegant white color, bearing a classic plain pattern that serves as a versatile piece for various design needs.

As part of both our permanent collection and specifically curated for Spring and Summer 24/25 seasons, its timeless appeal places it as an essential in any fabric stock.

Resilience is one of the key features of this fabric, thanks to its main fibre, polyester, ensuring its durability and longevity. Its construction results in a width of 150 cm, providing ample coverage for wide-scale works. Despite its substantial width, this fabric maintains a lightweight nature with a weight of 70 gsm, adding comfort and wearability to its durability.

In all, our Plain Weave fabric not only stands out for its aesthetic value but also for its quality composition which is a testament to mindful sourcing and manufacturing. This wholesale fabric ensures you source responsibly without sacrificing the high-quality your clientele expects.

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100% Recycled Polyester
Country Of Origin:
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70 G/M²
200 M
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150 cm

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