Plain Stretchy  - 220G/M²
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Plain Stretchy  - 220G/M²

Plain Stretchy - 220G/M²

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Introducing our Plain Stretchy fabric, a high-quality form of silkies made from a blend of 88% polyester and 12% elastane. With a width of 148 cm and a weight of 220 gsm, this fabric offers seamless usability for a multitude of purposes. As the name suggests, it boasts of plain design, presented in a pure white color – a quintessential choice for creating timeless fashion pieces.

Originating from the talented weavers of Portugal, this fabric incorporates a significant stretchable quality due to its elastane content, ensuring comfort and flexibility to the users. Despite the considerable elasticity, the dominance of polyester keeps the fabric's robust and durable nature intact, promising long-lasting use.

The Plain Stretchy fabric provides a versatile appeal through its inclusion in both our permanent and Spring Summer 24/25 collections. Whether you're creating a bespoke summer ensemble or a classic year-round design, its resilient and adaptable nature combined with the aesthetic appeal of a silky finish aligns well with diverse design preferences.

Our plain white stretchy fabric is perfect for wholesale retailers aiming to provide a balance of style, comfort, and quality to their clientele. The fact that it retains its whiteness and strength through countless washes only adds to its credibility as a prefered choice in the fashion industry.

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88% Polyester, 12% Elastane
Country Of Origin:
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220 G/M²
200 M
Stretchy, Wrinkle Resistant
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148 cm

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