Paprus Organic Cotton Weave - 245G/M²
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Paprus Organic Cotton Weave - 245G/M²

Paprus Organic Cotton Weave - 245G/M²

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The Paprus Organic Cotton Weave fabric is a stunning plain, blue and white colored material, perfect for casual wear production. Originating from Portugal, this high-quality fabric is composed of a blend of 98% organic cotton and a touch of 2% elastane, adding a slight stretch to its comfortability and wearability. With a width of 145 cm and a weight of 245 gsm, it offers the perfect balance of breadth and heft, and its garment dyed finish adds a unique, individual charm to each piece.

Primarily made of cotton, this fabric is suitable for all-year-round usage, being part of our 'Permanent' collection, but also specifically suited for Autumn Winter varying from '24/25' due its density. Its rich, organic texture is accompanied by an internationally acclaimed standard of sustainability: our fabric proudly holds the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certificate, ensuring not only its excellent quality but also its eco-friendly manufacturing process.

Whether you're planning to produce winter coats or casual sweatshirts, the Paprus Organic Cotton Weave fabric adds a subtle elegance and lasting comfort to any garment. Available now for wholesale orders, it's an excellent choice for designers seeking versatile, premium, and ethically sourced fabric.

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Sustainability certificate:
98% Organic Cotton, 2% Elastane
Country Of Origin:
Fabric Type:
Fibre Type:
Garment Dyed
245 G/M²
200 M
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145 cm

About TMG Textiles

TMG Textiles operates as a division within the TMG SA group, a pioneer among family-owned companies in Portugal. Situated in the quaint town of Sao Cosme do Vale in the northeastern region of the country, the company has its roots tracing back to founder Manuel Gonçalves, who established his weaving workshop in 1937.

TMG Textiles actively champions the judicious utilization of natural resources, energy, and raw materials, harmonizing with a fashion industry that embraces environmentally conscious practices. The company proudly holds a series of certifications that serve as tangible markers of their eco-responsible dedication: ISO 14001, GOTS, Fair Trade, Eco-vero, OEKO-TEX, and REACH.

About gots (global organic textile standard)

Fabrics with a GOTS certificate have been produced using organic fibers (min. 70%) and meet strict environmental and social standards for sustainability and fair labor practices. The certification ensures that the entire production process from fiber to final product meets high standards for organic agriculture, safe and fair working conditions, and environmentally responsible manufacturing processes.

For more information about GOTS, click here.