Organic cotton BK denim - 394G/M²
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Organic cotton BK denim - 394G/M²

Organic cotton BK denim - 394G/M²

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Our Organic Cotton BK Denim is a premium-quality fabric offered for wholesale. Manufactured meticulously in Japan, this fabric boasts an appealing plain pattern that complements both modern and traditional fashion aesthetics. Characterized by its stark Black and Grey color groups, this fabric brings out a sense of refined elegance in any garment.

Constructed entirely from the finest cotton fibers, this fabric epitomizes comfort and durability. Given its composition of 100% cotton, this fabric ensures long-lasting wearability and a soft texture that caters to all skin types. Over time, it doesn't compromise fabric longevity but retains its integrity, making it an excellent choice for both fashion and function.

What sets this fabric apart is its impressive width of 149 cm, making it ideal for various garment designs. Despite its wide dimensions, the Organic Cotton BK Denim weighs in at 394 gsm, which denotes its substantial, dense, and sturdy nature.

With permanency in its longevity and wearability, this fabric is also the perfect textile choice to craft chic and cozy outfits for the Autumn Winter Season 23/24. So, invest in our prestigious Organic Cotton BK Denim, the perfect blend of style, comfort, and durability. Make your collections stand out with this universally appealing and versatile fabric.

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Cotton 100%
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394 G/M²
50 M
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Asia Pacific
149 cm

About Kuroki

Kuroki is one of the few denim makers in Japan that are equipped with dyeing, weaving, and finishing plants, which make up the denim fabric start-to-finish production facility. Expert technique and sensitivity are required to bring out the best of cotton's and indigo's characteristics. Although automation is essential, we also place value on what automation cannot offer.

Located in the heart of Okayama in western Japan, the birthplace and esteemed 'capital' of Japanese denim craftsmanship, Kuroki has dedicated itself to crafting premium denim fabrics since the 1970s. At the heart of their production process lies a team of 63 skilled artisans who harmoniously blend ancestral wisdom with cutting-edge innovations, resulting in the creation of high-quality, long-lasting fabrics.