Nash Recycled Cotton/ Polyester  - 470G/M²
Nash Recycled Cotton/ Polyester  - 470G/M²
Nash Recycled Cotton/ Polyester  - 470G/M²
Nash Recycled Cotton/ Polyester  - 470G/M²
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Nash Recycled Cotton/ Polyester - 470G/M²

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The Nash Recycled Cotton/Polyester fabric is an elegant blend of simplicity and sophistication. This plain, no-nonsense fabric boasts a versatile black and white hue that can easily bring a touch of seamless class to casual ensembles. Mainly crafted from cotton, this fabric offers the inherent comfort, breathability and durability of the natural fibre.

Ideal for the Autumn and Winter seasons, this French-made fabric is a permanent addition to our collection. Unfortunately, it does not have any specific sustainability certificates, but its recyclable quality is undeniably a nod towards eco-friendly fashion.

Despite the lack of a specific finishing method, the texture is smooth and pleasing to the touch. Whether you're looking to craft effortlessly chic everyday wear or standout pieces for an evening out, the Nash Recycled Cotton/ Polyester fabric provides an excellent canvas. The fabric encapsulates the authentic French sensibility of understated elegance and timeless style.

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62% Recycled Cotton, 16% Organic Cotton, 18% Recycled Polyester, 4% Other Recycled
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470 G/M²
1 M
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145 cm

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