Luksemberg Hemp Plain Weave - 205G/M²
Luksemberg Hemp Plain Weave - 205G/M²
Luksemberg Hemp Plain Weave - 205G/M²
Luksemberg Hemp Plain Weave - 205G/M²


Luksemberg Hemp Plain Weave - 205G/M²

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The Luksemberg Hemp Plain Weave is a simple, yet elegant fabric originating from Turkey. Available in a variety of colors, this fabric can cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences. It falls under the Weaving category and features a plain pattern which highlights the fabric's innate texture and qualities.

The fabric is manufactured using 100% hemp, a sustainable choice that adds to its appeal. Hemp is known for its durability and is also hypoallergenic, making this fabric suitable for people with sensitive skin. The fabric is not treated with any finishing method, maintaining the natural properties of the hemp fiber.

With a width of 145 and a weight of 205, the Luksemberg Hemp Plain Weave strikes a balance between lightness and resilience. It is best-suited for permanent seasons, meaning it can be used all year round. While the fabric does not have a specific sustainability certificate, it is made of hemp which is renowned for being an environmentally-friendly material.

Originating from Turkey, this fabric brings with it the rich heritage and superior craftsmanship for which the region is known. Its sub-category is Plain Weave - a popular style marked by its simplicity and versatility. All these features come together to create a fabric that is as practical as it is stylish.

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100% Hemp
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205 G/M²
1000 M
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Asia Pacific
145 cm