Linen Check - 195G/M²
Linen Check - 195G/M²
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Linen Check - 195G/M²
Linen Check - 195G/M²

Linen Check - 195G/M²

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Introducing our Linen Check fabric, curated specifically for the Spring-Summer 23/24 season. Hailing from Lithuania, known for exceptional linen production, the fabric carries a striking check pattern that presents a versatile appeal.

This 100% pure linen fabric exudes richness in a dominant blue color group, which perfectly complements the approaching warmer months. With a generous width of 145 cm and a comfortable weight of 195 gsm, this fabric strikes a great balance between durability and breathability - a feature characteristic of high-quality linen.

The Linen Check fabric is meticulously refined using the HA90 finishing method. This intricate procedure lends the material its unique texture, enhancing its overall appearance and feel. As with all our linen selections, it falls under the 'Linen' category in our collection, making it easy to identify its classic appeal.

Highlighting our ongoing commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing and production, the Linen Check fabric proudly holds the EUROPEAN FLAX® certificate. This certification guarantees that the linen is crafted using eco-responsible production methods, reinforcing our efforts towards sustainable fashion.

In sum, the Linen Check fabric is not only a premium material with a beautiful pattern and rich color, but also an environmentally-conscious choice embraced by wholesalers who place value on sustainability and quality.

Product Details

Sustainability certificate:
100% Linen
Country Of Origin:
Fabric Type:
Fibre Type:
195 G/M²
200 M
Spring Summer 23/24
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145 cm

About Linas

Linas is a vertically integrated mill, based in Lithuania. The company is well-known for its fabrics made from linen, a long-lasting fiber that does not use pesticides or other chemicals to grow. With 60 weaving machines, Linas produce ~ 60,000 meters of fabrics per month.

About european flax®

EUROPEAN FLAX® is the guarantee of traceability for premium linen fibre grown in Western Europe. A natural sustainable fibre, cultivated without GMO free and irrigation (certified 99.9% by the European Confederation of Flax and Hemp). For more information, click here.