Jacquard Gobelin Recycled
Jacquard Gobelin Recycled
Jacquard Gobelin Recycled
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Jacquard Gobelin Recycled
Jacquard Gobelin Recycled
Jacquard Gobelin Recycled

Jacquard Gobelin Recycled

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Our Jacquard Gobelin Recycled fabric, a unique product of Italy, is a representation of superior craftsmanship and superior quality. This stunning high fancy category fabric is a rich blend of 40% Acrylic, 37% Recycled Polyester, 15% Cotton, 6% Polyester, and 2% Other. Its diverse composition lends it enhanced durability and ease of maintenance, thus offering remarkable user comfort.

This fabric is characterized by its broad width of 130cm, giving you the flexibility to utilize it for an array of applications. It is primarily composed of polyester, making it reliable and resistant to easy wear and tear, enhancing its longevity.

Known for its visually appealing floral pattern, it presents an aesthetically charming expression that is elegant and subjective. The complex design carries a variety of color groups including multicolor, grey, purple, blue, and black tones, adding an artistic and sophisticated flair to any project.

The Jacquard Gobelin Recycled fabric finds its utility across all seasons but especially excels as a choice for 'Permanent' and 'Autumn Winter 24/25' collections, proving its adaptability and timelessness. This beautifully crafted fabric offers a touch of luxury and a pop of color that invites attention and appreciation. A perfect combination of style, comfort, and functionality, this fabric makes a memorable impression with its captivating design and premium quality.

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Min. 100M: €14.95 300M+: €13.95

For yarn-dyed jacquard items, 100% surcharge for cutting till 10mts if colors not available for sampling. Where it's indicated, it means it's possible to have the quality with recycled yarn.

Product Details

40% Acrylic, 37% Recycled Polyester, 15% Cotton, 6% Polyester, 2% Other
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Fabric Type:
High Fancy
Fibre Type:
100 M
Wrinkle Resistant
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130 cm

About Brecotessile

Brecotessile has over twenty years of experience in the Italian textile scene, specializing in high-quality fabrics for women's clothing. Our journey from a regional entity to a global presence showcases our growth and commitment to innovation.

Central to our ethos is sustainability. We use recycled materials in our products and proudly obtained the GRS certification in 2020. As we continue to grow, our focus remains on customer satisfaction, innovation, and sustainable practices, driving positive change in the textile industry.