Invictus PPT - 127G/M²
Invictus PPT - 127G/M²
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Invictus PPT - 127G/M²
Invictus PPT - 127G/M²

Invictus PPT - 127G/M²

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Introducing our fabric, the Invictus PPT, a product sourced directly from Spain, renowned for its quality and meticulous craftsmanship. This fabric comes in a liberatingly neutral white color, making it a versatile choice for various fashion designs. Notably, Invictus PPT is woven entirely from 100% viscose, a main fibre that is highly sought-after due to its silk-like aesthetic, breathability, and fluid drape.

This fabric exhibits a plain pattern, meaning it presents a blank canvas ready to accept an endless array of designs, or be used in its simplest form for a minimalist look. The fabric's structure is categorized under seersucker, a unique weave that facilitates air circulation making it especially cooling - ideal for warm climates or the summer months.

The Invictus PPT comes in a sizable width of 165 cm, allowing for ample fabric per cut and facilitating a diverse array of usage. With a weight of 127 GSM, this fabric strikes the perfect balance of being light enough for comfort, yet durable and sturdy in structure.

Finally, one of the most prominent features of this fabric is its seasonality. Its quality, structure, and design make it a 'Permanent' addition to any fashion collection, meaning it can be utilized and enjoyed year-round. Moreover, it is specifically incorporated into the 'Spring Summer 24/25' fashion season, aligning with the lightweight, breathable characteristics of the Invictus PPT, making it an ideal choice for

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100% Viscose
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127 G/M²
200 M
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165 cm

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