Hamıll Twill - 250G/M²
Hamıll Twill - 250G/M²
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Hamıll Twill - 250G/M²
Hamıll Twill - 250G/M²

Hamıll Twill - 250G/M²

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We are introducing our high-quality Hamıll Twill fabric, a distinguished selection from our weaving category. The fabric exhibits a chic and timeless dotted pattern which is both versatile and stylish, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of applications. Predominantly composed of Tencel Lyocell (73%), it also encompasses a blend of Cotton (16%) and Hemp (11%), maximizing both comfort and durability.

Hamıll Twill originates from the beautiful country of Turkey, intricately crafted with 150 cm in width and a substantial weight of 250 gsm. This ensures a rich, luxurious feel while maintaining excellent structure and strength. The fabric demonstrates a fine twill subcategory weave, characteristic of its recognizable diagonal pattern that adds a bold, textural element to the design.

Interestingly, this fabric embodies a permanent fabric season, making it an outstanding choice for year-round use due to the adaptability and resilience of its dominant fibre, Tencel Lyocell. Furthermore, it is certified by the prestigious 'Lenzing Tencel' and 'OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100' sustainability certificates, acknowledging our dedication to the planet and our commitment to provide safer and environmentally-friendly textile solutions.

In conclusion, the Hamıll Twill fabric is not just a textile but a notion of sustainable, resilient, and high-quality material for all your fabric needs.

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Product Details

Sustainability certificate:
Lenzing Tencel, OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100
73% Tencel 16% Cotton 11% Hemp
Country Of Origin:
Fabric Type:
Fibre Type:
Tencel Lyocell
250 G/M²
1000 M
Stock Service:
Supplier Region:
Asia Pacific
150 cm

About Stampoli

Stam-poli, deriving its name from the ancient name of Istanbul, "Istin-polis," draws inspiration from the city's rich history and significance. Founded by Aykut Burak Celikkanat, a Textile Engineer with extensive managerial experience in Italian and Turkish fabric mills, the company embarked on its journey as a startup in 2014. Our vision is to become a leading woven fabric producer offering competitive prices and sustainable solutions. 80% of our turnover currently comes from exports to renowned brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste, Hugo Boss, and more.

Committed to sustainability, Stam-poli actively supports eco-friendly practices and aims to transition all qualities to sustainable fibers and processes by January 2025. "We Care for Life" is at the heart of Stam-poli's ethos, reflecting our dedication to creating a sustainable world through their textile offerings.

About lenzing tencel

Tencel® is a cellulose fiber from Lenzing that comes from certified sustainably planted Eucalyptus trees. The Tencel® nanostructure offers exceptional moisture transport, accumulation, expansion and drying.