Dyeable Coolmax Post Consumer Polyester  - 290G/M²
Dyeable Coolmax Post Consumer Polyester  - 290G/M²
Dyeable Coolmax Post Consumer Polyester  - 290G/M²
Dyeable Coolmax Post Consumer Polyester  - 290G/M²
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Dyeable Coolmax Post Consumer Polyester - 290G/M²

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Sustainability certificate:
Coolmax EcoMade
100% Coolmax Recyled Polyester
Country Of Origin:
Fabric Type:
Fibre Type:
290 G/M²
200 M
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155 cm

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About coolmax ecomade

COOLMAX® EcoMade technology is a sustainable innovation from the COOLMAX® brand that uses 100% recycled resources, such as textile waste or recycled PET bottles, to create polyester fiber. This technology offers a dual benefit to both the environment and the consumer. From an environmental perspective, it promotes recycling and reduces waste by utilizing recycled resources, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly textile industry. For the consumer, the technology retains the brand's signature features, providing reliable cooling and permanent moisture-wicking performance. The special fiber cross-section of the Coolmax® EcoMade fiber enables efficient sweat absorption from the skin to the textile surface, where it can evaporate quickly, providing a cooling comfort effect. This fiber is light, soft, breathable, and dries faster than other materials, enhancing the wearer's comfort during any activity.