Darnel Twill Piece Dyed - 215G/M²
Darnel Twill Piece Dyed - 215G/M²
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Darnel Twill Piece Dyed - 215G/M²
Darnel Twill Piece Dyed - 215G/M²

Darnel Twill Piece Dyed - 215G/M²

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Introducing our Darnel Twill Piece Dyed fabric, a beautiful material originating from Turkey. Tailored for spring and summer use for the 23/24 season, this lyocell fabric promises durability, strength and optimal comfort. Mainly composed of 60% tencel and 40% cotton, the Darnel Twill offers a fine, smooth and soft texture that's ideal for crafting casual wear.

Available in two major color groups; pink and blue, this fabric allows you to create garments that resonate with the calm and joy of these warmer months. It has a plain pattern to offer versatility and ease of us in your creative projects.

Our Darnel Twill Piece Dyed fabric is a twill subcategory, exhibiting the characteristic diagonal pattern that's both visually appealing and durable. Its fabric measures 150 cm in width and holds a considerable weight of 215 gsm, a testament to its superior quality.

To augment the dye retention, this fabric is treated using the piece dye finishing method, ensuring consistency in color throughout. Thus, reinforcing its resistance against fading, even after continuous wash and wear.

In alignment with sustainable production methods, this fabric bears the Lenzing Tencel sustainability certificate. Opting for our Darnel Twill Piece Dyed fabric for your wholesale requirements not only provides you with superior quality in hand but also substantiates your commitment towards ethical and environmentally friendly fabric production.

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Sustainability certificate:
Lenzing Tencel
60%Tencel 40%Cotton
Country Of Origin:
Fabric Type:
Fibre Type:
Tencel Lyocell
Piece dye
215 G/M²
750 M
Spring Summer 23/24
Stock Service:
Supplier Region:
Asia Pacific
150 cm

About lenzing tencel

Tencel® is a cellulose fiber from Lenzing that comes from certified sustainably planted Eucalyptus trees. The Tencel® nanostructure offers exceptional moisture transport, accumulation, expansion and drying.