Brima Stretchy Cotton/ Modal Cord  - 270G/M²
Brima Stretchy Cotton/ Modal Cord  - 270G/M²
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Brima Stretchy Cotton/ Modal Cord  - 270G/M²
Brima Stretchy Cotton/ Modal Cord  - 270G/M²

Brima Stretchy Cotton/ Modal Cord - 270G/M²

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The Brima Stretchy Cotton/ Modal Cord is an exceptional fabric, perfect for creating casual yet luxurious attire. This fabric is one of its kind, being primarily comprised of 78% cotton, blending with 20% Modal, to give both a soft and durable feel. The magic blend is topped off with 2% elastane to provide a pleasantly stretchy quality.

This cotton/modal cord has a width of 145 cm and a substantial weight of 270 gsm, making it excellent for both sturdy and flexible creations. It holds its own with a graceful, plain pattern that comes in two neutral shades: white and grey – colors versatile to pair well in any season. The subtlety and versatility of these color options provide unlimited design opportunities.

Sourced directly from Spain, its quality is indisputably excellent and aligns seamlessly with the country's superior fabric manufacturing standards. Adding to its merit is the fact that it's applicable for permanent usages and is specially curated for the Autumn Winter 24/25 season, maintaining its charm even in the chilliest months.

The Brima Stretchy Cotton/Modal Cord proudly holds a sustainability certificate from the BCI (Better Cotton Initiative), indicating its environmentally friendly nature and commitment to fair labor practices – a key aspect in today's socially responsible market.

In summary, this Spanish-origin, BCI certified fabric, versatile in color and weight, will be a fantastic option for any designer seeking a classy and snug material, fitting for creating

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Sustainability certificate:
78% Cotton, 20% Modal, 2% Elastane
Country Of Origin:
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270 G/M²
1 M
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145 cm

About bci (better cotton initiative)

BCI stands for the Better Cotton Initiative, a global not-for-profit organisation that seeks to make the cotton industry more sustainable. There are seven principles that BCI farmers should follow: - Farmers should minimise the harmful impact of crop protection practices - They should promote water stewardship - They should care for the health of the soil - BCI Farmers should enhance biodiversity and use land responsibly - They should care for and preserve fibre quality - They should promote decent work - And BCI Farmers should operate an effective management system In order to help follow these principles, the BCI offers support to farmers. For more information, visit:  Better Cotton Initiative.