BOW C02 - 150G/M²
BOW C02 - 150G/M²
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BOW C02 - 150G/M²
BOW C02 - 150G/M²

BOW C02 - 150G/M²

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Introducing our BOW C02 fabric, a uniquely crafted fabric originating from Portugal. This fabric is a 100% European Flax Linen, known for its superior quality and durability. With a width of 280 cm and a weight of 150 gsm, it provides an optimal balance of lightweight and durability, making it suitable for a variety of applications.

The fabric proudly carries the labels of EUROPEAN FLAX® and OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100, reflecting its sustainable and ethically sound production practices. These certifications ensure that the fabric does not contain any harmful substances and is compliant with stringent environmental standards.

The BOW C02 fabric is a part of our linen category under the Jacquard subcategory, making it an essential fabric for all seasons. Its visual appeal is enhanced by aesthetically pleasing stripe patterns available in two color group options, grey and multicolor.

The yarn dyed finishing method applied to this fabric provides a long-lasting color and texture, enhancing the overall beauty and finishing of this fabric. The fabric is also permanent, ensuring its availability all year round for all your wholesale needs.

In conclusion, the BOW C02 fabric offers an excellent blend of quality, sustainability, and beauty, making it an ideal choice for your wholesale fabric needs.

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Yarn Dyed
150 G/M²
500 M
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280 cm

About Antonio Salgado

Since its foundation in 1998, António Salgado has been dedicated to creating comfort, design, and well-being through the production of home textiles. We have different looms with unique characteristics to create distinctive products that respond to various needs and price objectives.

All actions have an impact on the environment. Aware of this, António Salgado adopts sustainable solutions throughout its production process. Our main pillars for sustainability include, but are not limited to, renewable energy sources (mostly solar energy), recyclable yarns, innovative materials, and conscious production practices.

About european flax®

EUROPEAN FLAX® is the guarantee of traceability for premium linen fibre grown in Western Europe. A natural sustainable fibre, cultivated without GMO free and irrigation (certified 99.9% by the European Confederation of Flax and Hemp). For more information, click here.