Bayona European Flax Linen  - 145G/M²
Bayona European Flax Linen  - 145G/M²
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Bayona European Flax Linen  - 145G/M²
Bayona European Flax Linen  - 145G/M²

Bayona European Flax Linen - 145G/M²

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The Bayona European Flax Linen is a high-quality fabric that originated from Spain. This fabric is defined by the sophisticated floral patterns that adorn its surface, adding an elegant touch. The colors of white, blue, and a mix of other vibrant hues, all contribute to the beautiful aesthetics of the fabric.

Made entirely with 100% premium linen, it has a width of 145 cm and a weight of 145 gsm, making it highly versatile for different uses. It's mainly composed of linen from the Flax plant, thereby exhibiting a natural, raw aesthetic with a comforting and soft texture that linen fiber is known for.

This fabric falls under the linen category and the main fiber contained within is linen, promising resilience, longevity, and great comfort. It's worth noting that it's perfect for warmer weather, making it suitable for the 'Permanent' and 'Spring Summer 24/25' seasons.

Moreover, Bayona European Flax Linen has a Sustainability Certificate from EUROPEAN FLAX®, meaning it's environmentally friendly and responsibly sourced. This fabric is thus perfect for those conscious about sustainability without compromising quality.

In essence, this Spanish-origin, multicolored floral linen is a blend of aesthetic beauty, durability, versatility, and sustainability. It's perfect for creating summer attire, trendy homeware, or any other linen product, bringing a touch of European elegance wherever it's used.

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100% Linen
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145 G/M²
1 M
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145 cm

About european flax®

EUROPEAN FLAX® is the guarantee of traceability for premium linen fibre grown in Western Europe. A natural sustainable fibre, cultivated without GMO free and irrigation (certified 99.9% by the European Confederation of Flax and Hemp). For more information, click here.