4 Way Stretch Chino - 189G/M²
4 Way Stretch Chino - 189G/M²
4 Way Stretch Chino - 189G/M²
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4 Way Stretch Chino - 189G/M²
4 Way Stretch Chino - 189G/M²
4 Way Stretch Chino - 189G/M²

4 Way Stretch Chino - 189G/M²

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Our 4 Way Stretch Chino fabric is a top-grade versatile material originating from Italy, well-recognized for its superior quality and durability. This fabric boldly embodies a stylish yet uncomplicated plain pattern, coated in an assortment of elegant blue color groups, well-suited for individuals with a keen appreciation for understated sophistication.

Crafted primarily from polyamide, the fabric possesses a substantial composition of 90% polyamide or nylon along with 10% elastane, enhancing the stretchability and flexibility of the material. The predominant polyamide fibre lends the fabric its distinct resilience, easy-care characteristics and exceptional comfort, making it ideal for chino subcategory garments.

With an appreciable width of 145 cm and a medium weight of 189 gsm, this fabric is excellent for creating casual wear that breathes comfort and effortless style. The fabric has undergone a meticulous brushing finishing method, which bestows it with a supple, soft texture, increasing its comfort and wearability quotient.

The 4 Way Stretch Chino fabric is not only style-forward but is also committed to environmental consciousness. It holds sustainability certificates which attest to our dedication towards maintaining an eco-friendly production process.

The fabric is a year-round staple, being a part of our 'permanent' collection, with a special emphasis on the ‘Autumn Winter 23/24’ season, enabling creators to design timeless casual pieces that echo with the dynamics of these seasons. Designers can rest assured knowing that this fabric will provide longevity

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4 way stretch fabric for Elegant taste but functional and comfortable

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Sustainability certificate:
90% Polyamide/Nylon10% Elastane
Country Of Origin:
Fabric Type:
Fibre Type:
189 G/M²
100 M
Stretchy, Temperature Regulation, Pilling Resistance, Wrinkle Resistant
Autumn Winter 23/24
Stock Service:
145 cm

About Taiana

Taiana, blends tradition, innovation, and sustainability to deliver the finest quality fabrics. Our production process, centered around the art of weaving, is backed by meticulous planning and advanced technology. We utilize a real-time computerized system for managing our yarn stocks, color availability, and procurement times. With the support of electronic looms and quality control equipment, we maintain high standards and preserve the unique characteristics of our fabric throughout the weaving phase.

Our commitment to quality and environmental sustainability is reflected in our certifications - ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 by SQS (Swiss Quality Systems). We pride ourselves on our ability to offer innovative solutions to our customers, leveraging cutting-edge technology to create unique and future-ready fabric solutions. Our dedication to customer satisfaction, environmental responsibility, and continuous innovation makes us a trusted partner for all your fabric needs.