Rimini Organic Cotton
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Rimini Organic Cotton

Rimini Organic Cotton

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The Rimini Organic Cotton fabric is a high-quality lining textile made of 100% organic cotton. This fabric is brought to you straight from Italy, a country known for its commitment to superior textiles. The beauty of this fabric lies in its simplistic yet elegant plain pattern, making it extremely versatile and suitable to compliment a wide range of designs.

The Rimini Organic Cotton fabric is an all-season product, making it a permanent option in your wholesale purchase. It stands for durability and strength, ensuring it withstands all conditions of the year. The fabric takes pride in holding sustainability certificates specifically, the Organic Content Standard, which means it is crafted keeping environmental considerations in mind, combining both style and sustainability in its design.

The main fibre of this fabric is cotton, specifically organic cotton, which means it is grown free from hazardous synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Made up entirely of this organic fibre, the fabric provides comfort, breathability, and is hypoallergenic making it a perfect choice for those with sensitive skin or allergies. Being of natural origins, it also adds to the fabric's biodegradability aspect.

In essence, the Rimini Organic Cotton fabric places itself as a wholesale option that encapsulates a philosophy of simplicity, elegance, and sustainability.

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100% Organic Cotton
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100 M
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Founded in Italy in 1815, Cervotessile produce linings, fabrics and interlinings, contributing to the design of unforgettable textile histories. Navigating the intersection of tradition and progress, Cervotessile crafts textiles that marry uncompromised quality with ethical sensibilities. Through our comprehensive sustainable practices, we offer a testament to the fact that progress need not come at the cost of our planet's well-being.

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond rhetoric, as evidenced by our holistic approach to minimizing environmental impact. From sourcing raw materials with care to embracing cutting-edge technologies that reduce waste and resource consumption, Cervotessile embodies a steadfast dedication to a greener future.

About organic content standard

Organic Content Standard (OCS) is a certification promoted by Textile Exchange that verifies the organic content in a fabric or textile product. Different from GOTS, OCS only verifies that a product contains organically grown material. It does not address any social or environmental aspects of production. For example, an OCS cotton is produced by a cotton farm that is OCS certified, but it does not say anything about the companies involved in the supply chain like spinning mills, weaving mills, dyeing factories, or traders.

For more information about OCS, click here.