Esta Stretch Satin Piece Dyed - 250G/M²
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Esta Stretch Satin Piece Dyed - 250G/M²

Esta Stretch Satin Piece Dyed - 250G/M²

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This elegant and durable fabric, entitled "Esta Stretch Satin Piece Dyed," is woven to perfection in Turkey, capturing the essence of gastronomically diverse qualities. It hails from the Satin subcategory of our comprehensive weaving collection. The richness in color presents a diverse palette including brown, black, blue, green, yellow, and orange, all presenting plain aesthetic aspect, making it versatile for various applications.

Esteemed for its premium quality, this fabric boasts a perfected composition of 97% Tencel Lyocell and a strategic 3% Elastane, which ensures a comfortable stretch. The incorporation of Tencel Lyocell, a fiber known for its eco-friendly properties, makes this fabric both luxurious and sustainable. This is further accentuated with the coveted Lenzing Tencel sustainability certificate which attests to its eco-conscious manufacturing process.

The Esta Stretch Satin Piece Dyed promises to be a frontrunner fabric choice for Spring Summer seasons of 23/24, with its superior breathable and smooth texture. It is fashioned with a meticulously crafted width of 140cm and a balanced weight of 250 gsm, ensuring it drapes beautifully on any design.

Characterized by a unique piece dye finishing method, this fabric posses an alluring sheen and a rich depth of color that will retain even after multiple washes. Whether you are creating fashion-forward apparel or timeless home decor, the Esta Stretch Satin Piece Dyed fabric brings the promise of

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Sustainability certificate:
Lenzing Tencel
97%Tencel 3%Ea
Country Of Origin:
Fabric Type:
Fibre Type:
Tencel Lyocell
Piece dye
250 G/M²
750 M
Spring Summer 23/24
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Asia Pacific
140 cm

About lenzing tencel

Tencel® is a cellulose fiber from Lenzing that comes from certified sustainably planted Eucalyptus trees. The Tencel® nanostructure offers exceptional moisture transport, accumulation, expansion and drying.