Carelia Light Stretch Broken Twill - 290G/M²
Carelia Light Stretch Broken Twill - 290G/M²
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Carelia Light Stretch Broken Twill - 290G/M²
Carelia Light Stretch Broken Twill - 290G/M²

Carelia Light Stretch Broken Twill - 290G/M²

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The Carelia Light Stretch Broken Twill is a one-of-a-kind fabric, ideal for tailoring purposes. The fabric exudes a plain, natural brown hue, making it suitable for various clothing types and blending effortlessly with other colors. Made in Italy, it is exhaustive in its quality, carrying the promise of the best craftsmanship. It boasts a width of 133 cm and has a weight of 290 gsm, offering a perfect balance of durability and lightness to suit all your tailoring needs.

Predominantly made of cotton, the fabric not only brings out brilliance in its color but also offers immense comfort for the wearers. The cotton is of the Carelia Light type, which lends the fabric a smooth finish and a warm, inviting texture. The finishing method includes Emerized and Power Dry techniques, further ensuring the fabric's breathability as well as its moisture-wicking capabilities.

The fabric bears the esteemed GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certificate— a testament to its sustainability and our commitment to preserving the beauty of our planet. Furthermore, the fabric's versatility is highlighted by its suitability for use year-round, as well as its particular appropriateness for the Autumn Winter 24/25 season. This is mainly due to its subcategory, Twill, that provides excellent insulation, ensuring warmth even in the colder periods.

In conclusion, the Carelia Light Stretch Broken Twill fabric brings together functionality, comfort, elegance, and commitment to sustainability. A worthwhile investment for every

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Carelia Light
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290 G/M²
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133 cm

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About gots (global organic textile standard)

Fabrics with a GOTS certificate have been produced using organic fibers (min. 70%) and meet strict environmental and social standards for sustainability and fair labor practices. The certification ensures that the entire production process from fiber to final product meets high standards for organic agriculture, safe and fair working conditions, and environmentally responsible manufacturing processes.

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