At TFT, we specialize in crafting over 100 tulle items from silk, cotton, wool, and synthetic fibers, serving diverse sectors including embroidery, lingerie, and high fashion. Our vertically integrated approach ensures exceptional product quality and expertise.

TFT has always focused on quality. To guarantee its customers excellence the company has decided not to delocalize, maintaining all phases of production in its plant in Segrate (Milan, Italy) and use highly skilled labor only. To minimize the environmental impact of production activities, TFT has acquired the most avant-garde solutions and technologies available on the market including the Oeko-Tex certification.

TFT's journey from importer to industry leader is marked by innovation and family dedication. Our iconic "Tulle and Soul" campaign captures the essence of our Italian-made tulle. With our roots in Milan, we produce over 10,000,000 meters annually, catering to Europe, the US, and beyond.