We are the leading German company for corduroys (with our own cutting department), as well as for moleskins and velveteens. Our product range includes twills, satins, and canvas. Several of our fabrics boast warp, weft, or bi-stretch properties, and we also offer products made from organic cotton.

Our global reach allows us to supply high-fashion articles for menswear, womenswear, and children's clothing. Additionally, we cater to various industries by providing fabrics for protection wear, classical workwear, furniture, hunting, and outdoor apparel. Our expertise extends to producing corduroys in all different wales and weights, with or without stretch. We excel in creating velveteens and moleskins, incorporating warp or weft stretch as required. Furthermore, we offer flat woven fabrics with warp, weft, or bi-stretch capabilities to cater to diverse customer needs.