Dutel Creation

Discover Dutel Creation, a distinguished leader in men's ceremonial attire across Europe. We proudly present our jacquard fabric collections, catering to waistcoats, suits, jackets, and coats, all acclaimed by renowned establishments. With personalized designs, we seamlessly adapt to diverse market demands, nurturing creativity and individuality.

Founded by Jean and Marcel Dutel in 1937, our legacy spans generations. Nestled near Lyon, our factory marries tradition with innovation. Our commitment to excellence has led us to integrate every facet of production, nurturing a seamless flow from design to finishing.

Guided by the legacy of three generations, we are not only artisans but also pioneers of sustainable craftsmanship. Our journey towards ecological processes reflects our profound respect for the environment. By producing on demand and holding the esteemed OEKO TEX 100 label, we prioritize not only exceptional textiles but also the health of our planet and its inhabitants.

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