The Brunello company was founded in 1927 by Giuseppe and Maria Ghiringhelli in the town of Brunello, Italy. Giuseppe, after returning from the front, cultivated a passion for textile mechanics and established a company that not only generated industrial power for the plant but also for the city, which lacked an electricity grid. The company became a local staple, specializing in artificial fibers and lining production in response to World War II-induced wool and cotton shortages.

Upon Giuseppe's death in 1956, his daughters, Anna Maria and Rossana, took over, pioneering as female entrepreneurs during a time when this was uncommon. They navigated major industry shifts, expanding the company’s presence in new markets and promoting the "Made in Italy" brand worldwide. Today, the company, under the leadership of Elisabetta Gabri, continues to innovate, being the largest weaving mill in Europe using a combination of the jacquard machine with the air loom. Elisabetta emphasizes the importance of innovation and a firm belief in their business, upholding the company's long-standing values while looking towards the future.